"Your Solar unit is almost complete! It looks fabulous! "

Rory was one of my first readers who built two units for his home about nine years ago. Rory was not a professional plenum builder, but this guide lead him through the build with confidence and his two heaters look amazing.

"I am so happy with the results that I just got off the phone with ordering [materials] in order to match the first successfully-installed solar unit which will set along side the original, as planned!"

In Rory's words:


"The box is built, sealed and I actually get to finish the last [flashing] installation today. I also elected to install the PVC panel....this thing is bullet proof. Will mount the unit on the outside wall in the next couple of days.

Got home yesterday and mounted Solar unit on house wall. I chose to run 6 inch because I had to run 40 feet of ducting from the solar discharge to inside the Great room - which is quite a distance."

[After Rory's install]

"This morning, at 10 am:

Inside house temp: 67 degrees

Outside temp: 48 degrees

Static temp at Solar discharge: 200 degrees F.

Solar temp at vent inside house (40 feet away) [Wow!] "with fan running: 110-117 degrees F.

As a note: I ran the heater to observe the discharge temp at one of the vents: 116 degrees."

-Rory R.

Note: Rory's example shows a worst-case scenario for distance between the solar air heater and the output wall vent. With 40 feet of run and still pumping out 110-117° F, this demonstrates how much heat can be captured and redirected. Of course, minimize the distance for much higher heat output.

Recent Success

Wow, I just read through your diagram and instructions. You really put some thought into these instructions along with pictures, etc. You did a GREAT job. I am excited to start building this on Friday and out of all the videos I’ve seen and other peoples directions….I have to say yours is by far the very best.

Thank you.


It's so fun to hear wonderful comments from my readers!